Privacy Policy

We do not share or sell your private info to any third party or marketing agency
Consider this as our solemn promise.
Your assignment and contact details are 109% safe and secured with us. The reason why we use your personal details is to enhance the user’s experience to deliver you assignment related details within the purview of strict confidentiality as stated on our terms and conditions and customer’s service agreement.

Each day,  we collect an enormous amount of information through our services, mobile application, websites and other forms of interactive services owned by we make sure to take all the necessary steps to ensure the security of your personal info while making sure that it is stored, treated, and kept safe in conformity with the privacy policy.
All the user information is collected through cookies, analytics, web beacons and other advertising technologies. Whenever a site is visited, certain pieces of your personal data has been recorded and it helps in retaining a user to user communication and for your ease of access. This is directly related to the type of content or service you will interact with and the availability and duration of a particular session.

When an account is created at our site, we collect all the useful information like your name, contact, address, username and password. You might be required to provide the same details whenever you wish to inquire about our details.

We are well aware of your concerns regarding your privacy while getting assistance through our services. has designed a privacy policy to ensure the safety of your personal details.

  • All the personal information of our customers is kept confidential within our company. These details are not disclosed to any third party.

  • Your personal information is only required for the communication purpose at the time of booking your order. It keeps you updated about the latest developments in our services.

  • Moreover, your information is kept secret from the form the writers and vice versa. It is to make clear that your information and our writer's details too are kept under wraps. You are connected to the expert to get clarifications regarding the order but there will be no exchange of contact details between the respective parties.

  • The assignment assistance provided to you is not used for any other purpose and will be stored in our databases for a minimum of three month period.

  • Information related to payment through debit/credit cards is kept totally confidential. We make sure a 100% compliance with the legal obligations and use payment getaways that are verified, as per the statutory laws. When you make an online payment for your assignment, we are not accessible to any of your bank details that you enter while processing the payment.

  • In case of any claims or conflict related to the order, we will take the matter to our payment partners for resolving the issue. It will not breach the privacy as it is a legal matter and must be followed in terms of any disagreement regarding the project.

  • While purchasing the services you will be made to go through our privacy policy.